There is no freedom of speech in this house. My kids inherited a Winnie the Pooh book, and I felt it was a little too scary. The Heffalump threatened to eat Winnie. To "gobble him up", to be precise. The horrors! Way too scary for my kids. So I decided to cross that line out with a Sharpie. I am ever the over-protective mother.

My kids took immediate notice to the editing I did, and now every time they read it, they scold me for having "colored" in their book. And my husband mocks me for censoring an innocent Winnie the Pooh story.

I don't even know what I'll do when one of them wants to read Naked Lunch.


  1. I had no idea that heffalumps were violent!

  2. You never can be too careful or controlling these days. Here...have another helping of Soylent Green! :P

  3. I have often been known to edit as I read aloud. Tinkerbell's "silly ass" becomes "silly boy" and things which are damned become darned instead. :) It's a mom's job!

  4. Dont let your kids watch the Heffalumps in action in the Pooh Movie. My boys were scared for years of the Heffalumps!! At 9 and 11 they are just gettin over it. :)))


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