My Blog Needs A New Name

So I think I want to change the name of my blog. I'm not gonna start using code names for the kids or anything, but I have been thinking that perhaps using my last name in the title is not the best idea. Also, when I named this blog 500 years go, I really had no idea what a blog was. I was just using it to post updates on Mark's accident back in the day. I think 2 people read it at the time.

There are so many cute and clever blog titles out there. Here are some that I like:

Blogging is the New Black
Cheaper Than Therapy
Girl Gone Child
Mama Manifesto (who is the genious who came up with that one?)
The Extraordinary Ordinary
McSweeney's Internet Tendency
Spilt Milk
Breed 'Em and Weep
Grit and Glory
Motherhood Uncensored

These are smart names. These are clever names. These are blogs that say, hey, come read me! I might just be as fun as my title!

The howerton family blog . . . Um, not such much.

So please. Give me some blog names. I've got nuthin'. I can't even name my daughter. Surely someone has a clever name idea for me.


  1. I ain't got much. Maybe you could play on your last name a little with some kind of "How to" title. Something sarcastic. There is a restaurant in Seattle called "How to Cook a Wolf" Brilliant! It's a literary reference. It's odd for a restaurant. It makes you do a double-take. I like it! You could do "How to...." I got nuthin'... This is where my genius and inspiration end. Hope you get some good suggestions!

  2. kristen... sarcastic???

    i've got nothin. especially since my blog title is my name. if you come up with one for me, let me know. but it can't be about icy hot.

  3. okay, i've got you on my radar now, so that makes 3 blog readers. ;) if i come across any clever names, i'll send them your way.

  4. I guess we are not a lot of help are we...I will ponder this and get back with you; I wasn't very creative with mine either.


    I love it!

  6. My blog name is a good one? really? Why, um...thank you. I sometimes think I'm so lame when I'm not as lame as I thought.

    Before anyone read my blog, my title had our last name AND our city in it.

    I'm not just saying this...I'm going to be thinking and I'll get back to you with at least something that leads you in a direction. If you're kicking around anything at all, could you post it? Because people might say "YES!" or "Um, don't do that one" but it might start the wheels turning. Can you tell I love trying to think up titles....sheesh.

  7. Anonymous6:41 AM


  8. perhaps:
    minivans suck
    suck it minivans
    reluctant minivan.
    from a current minivan mom to a future one.

  9. I'm back.

    I like what theinnermostbox was saying...

    How to...

    There are so many ways to be either sarcastic or just plain funny with that. I'm hesitant to throw ideas out there though. I can be quite lame, as I mentioned.

    Or something with the minivan idea. Or a combo of both?

    I hope you do a poll if you come up with some ideas.

  10. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I love your tag line ... I think you should use that ... Cheaper than Therapy! Just an idea!

  11. Here's a combo of the previous to:

    How to pimp out a minivan

    Classic and very representative of you :)

  12. Okay, here are my ideas so far:

    The lazy mama's guide to changing the world

    Semi-conscious parenting

    Rage against the minivan

    The ambivalent radical

    That one time I put icy hot on my woo-ha . . .

    (okay that last one is for Diane)

    I still have nothing that is sticking out at me.

  13. I LOVE Rage against the Minivan. Maybe because I love Rage against the machine so much. Mighty clever! Keep in mind name should be short enought that url is memorable so you could expand in title, but url would need a shortened. For example, name could be "That one time I put Icy-hot on my woo-ha" but you could shorten url to Probably get tons of referral traffic from search engines, but probably not the people you were hoping to attract. Just a thought.

  14. The Howerton Hollar
    Then, rage against the minivan for the tag. :)

  15. Anonymous7:34 AM

    It was certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  16. i like the lazy moms guide to changing the world. let me know if this one isnt taken! =)


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