Lazy Mama's Sweet Potato Pancakes

I love a good sweet potato pancake. I DON'T love cooking in the morning. I found the perfect solution (stop me if you think you've heard this one before). Yes, I'm going to rave about my crockpot. Again. Because talking about my crockpot makes me feel young and hip and edgy. Not.

Okay, for the perfect easy sweet potato pancakes, you have to plan ahead the night before. Place one large sweet potato into a small (@14oz) crock pot. Be sure to line the crockpot with foil first, or the sweet potato will stick to the bottom. Right when you go to bed, turn on the crockpot set to LOW. When you wake up, the sweet potato will be soft and mooshy, and you can just peel back the skin and scoop out a lovely mash of orangey goodness.

Add this to a good pancake mix. We love Hodgson Mill's Buckwheat Pancake Mix because it is whole grain and all natural. For even more lazy strategery, measure and mix all of this in the same glass measuring cup to cut down on cleaning and make for easy pouring. (This may require some math, so pick your battle here. Fractions in morning vs. more dishes to clean. You decide). Watch the consistency - the sweet potato will thicken the mix, so a bit more milk may be required. Cook in a skillet until golden brown and voila - restaurant-style pancakes that didn't cost you the whole morning.


  1. Plan ahead? What is this "plan ahead" that you speak of?

    Unfamiliar with it.

  2. Yeah, exactly. That is why, even though I buy the ingredients, weeks go by where I wake up in the morning and realize I forgot to stick a the potato in the crockpot!


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