Wedding Season

This month has been wedding season for us. In the past two weeks, we've attend three weddings. Mark is also out every weekend officiating weddings for couples who request him as their pastor. Apparently June is a good month to get married in Southern California. We don't mind . . . can't think of a better date night! Plus, I heard a story about a pastor who felt that any money he earned doing weddings should be given to his wife. I think that is a wise plan!
Congratulations to Bonnie & Josiah, Jen & Bobby, and Michael & Jamie!


  1. and Mark look fantastic in this pic. But what's weird is that the guy getting married is wearing a shirt similar to Mark's, and their haircut is also strangely it looks like Mark is making out with the bride.

    Of course, it may look nothing like that to you since you have lovingly gazed with fondness at Mark's profile and ear for years now....

    But to the civilian looks strangely similar....

  2. Oh yes, that is Mark making out with the bride. That middle-aged-minister-looking guy standing next to them is the groom. Mark always makes out with the bride before he pronounces the marriage official. Is that weird?

  3. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I just had one of those moments that makes me realize that this is, in fact, a very, very small world. I was looking at the photos of a friend of mine on facebook. In said photo she is at a wedding with a bride who I took particular note of because of the fact that she is wearing the EXACT same dress that one of my dearest friends just purchased for HER upcoming nuptials. I thought the bride looked familiar, so I came here to confirm, and, yup, sure enough, this facebook-friend of mine was at one of the very same weddings you mention here in this post. (It's the wedding in your last photo with the lovely bride in that BCBG dress with all the tiers of ruffles at the bottom). My blogosphere and social-networking universes just collided. Small, small world indeed.


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