Caleb and Alex were visiting last week, so all the cousins got to hang out. They had so much fun together! We are looking forward to visiting them in Seattle next month.


  1. Hello! Nice to "meet" you here in blogville, Kristen. I've taken a peek at this here family blog and love how you think and write...
    Thank you for making my day and saying such nice things about my post from yesterday...
    yesterday...whew! THAT was a doozy...I'm so glad I get to have a whole new day now. Hopefully no one will do anything remotely frustrating all day...ha

    um, about linking my post to Mama Manifesto? That would be the bomb diggity! I just spent some time there and LOVE it. I would be flattered.
    I'll be back to visit you, lady!
    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Is this creepy that I keep commenting on your blog and I totally don't know you?

    I just have to point this out, though... Look! My family just left Seattle, to go back home to Los Angeles. Funny.

    I love it when cousins get to play together. It can be a raucous affair when that happens in our family! :)

  3. So Cute!
    I was wondering where my kid was without me? I'm sorry I missed that fun day. Too cute!

  4. I love the shot of the boys! They are so adorable!!!

  5. What a wonderful blog.. I love the Time capsule idea! I too am glad you have a Haiti relief org on your site.. I too wrote a poem on mine for Haiti. Blessings to you!


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