Swimsuit Shopping

Mark and I are going on a cruise this weekend, for our 12th anniversary. I am determined to buy a new, cute swimsuit that I feel comfortable in. Here is the tally for the search so far:

Hours spent shopping: 8+

Money spent on babysitting so I can shop without kids underfoot: $45

Amount of money I'm willing to spend on the right suit: whatever it takes

Stores I have been in: 22

Miracle Suits that actually perform a miracle: 0

Stores that carried ONLY triangle-top bikinis: 9
(thanks for nothing, PacSun, Huntington Surf & Sport, Beach Bums, Roxie, Billabong, Tilly's, No Fear, Active R/S, and Ron Jon's. I will take my post-baby body and unlimited budget somewhere else )

Barthing suits I have tried on: 37

Suits I have purchased: 0


  1. Try Landsend.com. You can build a virtual model with your specs and try the suit on HER without having to try it on you first.

    I am unsure about their bikini selection as I am *ahem* more in need of the ACTUAL miracle (a suit where no one mistakes me for a whale) but I'll be they have something good.

  2. Too funny, I have been thinking this, but have not posted it yet. As a last straw I spent a bunch of $$ on 8 pcs of RL swimwear delivered to my doorstep, and 5 minutes later..it was ready to go back to the post office! :) UGH! Cannot remember where I found your blog, but thanks for the laugh....


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