Arrested Sesame

Oh, sweet Sesame Street. There is some serious parent pandering going on right now, and it is totally working in my house! We were devestated when Arrested Development was cancelled, but now we can see Will Arnett reprise his role of a narcissistic illusionist on Sesame Street. They are even using the same background music . . . The Final Countdown. I love it! Usually my kids watch Sesame Street while I get ready for the day, but today I sat down and watched it with them, and laughed and laughed.
This was almost as good as the day my boyfriend John Stewart was on the show.


  1. I love Gob. Period.

    I'm going to try to U-Tube the episode right now...

  2. was it just an illuuusion, michael?
    seriously, that is awesome, I'm going to look for it on youtube. oh, and don't despair- have you heard there's an AD movie coming out next year?

  3. I refuse to set my hopes on the movie rumor until I see an actual preview. Don't toy with my emotions, Nicole!!

  4. It is for real - I am 99% positive that they are in production for the Arrested Development movie. I cannot WAIT!


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