CSA Envy

The OC Howerton kids get an introduction to picking your own food from the Northwest Howerton kids. I am green with envy over their cool CSA, that has a plot of veggies and flowers just for kids.


  1. We went to the farmer's market yesterday and all the while I was thinking about CSAs, I just know that if the market makes me that like-a-child-giddy, I'd be in heaven with a CSA membership. :)

  2. That little pick-your-own patch is an awesome idea! Wish our CSA had one! Cute pictures!

  3. excuse my ignorance.... what does CSA stand for?

    also.... what are the odds of getting all four of you smiling at the camera at once? ;)

    looks like a fun trip.

  4. CSA = community sustained agriculture. It's like a farm where you pay for a share and someone else does the work.

    Kinda scarce in the OC, unfortunately . . .


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