Forever 21, Why Do You Hate Me?

Dear Sir ('cause I know a woman would not be behind this):
I have an issue with the sizing at your store. I know, I know. The name of your store should be a warning. I'm not 21 - not even close. I know that my needs could be better met in a store called "Forever Mid-Thirties". Or "Despereately Clinging to My Youth". But still, your budget prices and sassy fashions beckon me in again and again.

During my last visit to your store, I found an adorable asian-print dress that would be a great number for an upcoming dinner. I grabbed it in a size LARGE, because I've been to your store before. I know that I am a medium-sized gal according to the folks at Gap and Old Navy, but in your store, I'm a large. I've made my peace with that. Until today.

I tried on the dress. I could barely get in on. I almost needed assistance getting it back off. This dress was so tight that any thoughts of moving or sitting while wearing it would be disastorous. This dress did not fit me for dirt.

Which leads me to believe that, according to your store, I AM AN EXTRA-LARGE.

I sheepishly ask the dressing room person for the dress in an XL. Oh wait . . . you don't even carry that size.

Now. I am an average-sized girl. I usually hover between a size 8 and a size 10. Yes, I could lose a few or 15. But I'm finding it hard to believe that, along the spectrum of sizes and body types in America, that this is the largest size you can offer. That your staff has decided that someone my size is an extra-large person.
Let me suggest that you consider changing the name of your store to Forever 12. Because that's the only age group that can comfortably fit into your clothing.


  1. LOL. I think Hollister is the same way ... and I HATE that place ... even if Paige insists it is a good store.

  2. cracking me up!

    yes i'm the same way at Delia's. I have only bought t shirts from there and yes every time i grab a large and an XL and walk home with the XL every time.

    not fun!

  3. Omigosh, I'm so with you. It's funny that you should write about this. In high school my friend & I called this the "skinny asian people store"- and we're totally not racist by the way, but the only one who could fit in their clothes comfortably was our tall, thin asian friend. :) too funny.

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog and I'm laughing in agreement. I love that store and yet I've only been able to fit into a few of their items. It's frustrating and does nothing for my self esteem! Here's to hoping that other stores get the hint and let us bigger gals (size 8) get cheap trendy clothes as well!

  5. I know you don't know me, but I know Jodie and go to Overlake up in Redmond. I love reading your blogs and they crack me up! I've resigned myself from even going into Forever 21 since I had my daughter 5 years ago! Thanks for putting a smile on my face throughout the week!


  6. You said it, and I agree agree agree.I just stumbled across your blog, and I really enjoy your humor. Keep it coming!

  7. a-frickin' men, girl. i went there today and thought a medium shirt would fit me - JOKE!!!! what an appropriate blog for my day as well :)

  8. Anonymous9:02 PM

    LOL --- that is SOOO funny and so true! I feel the exact same way and I really think of Forever 21 as my transitional wardrobe store until I lose this last bit of baby weight.....
    You have to bring 25 items into the dressing room to buy 2~
    I love that pic (looks like it fits..and it's super cute!!)

  9. as a person who is an "normal" extra large by gap standards, i was thinking of buying a pair of forever 21 pants to use as leg warmers in case they make a come back. think they would get around my calf?

  10. I had the same experience at the Esprit outlet a few years back. I left feeling like a COW. A size 10 COW.

  11. I HATE stores that size things that way!!! a few yrs ago I dieted/hit the gym daily, got down to 126 pounds and I'm 5ft 9 and still ran into the "madame you need a size large"

    btw, what exactly is up with size double zero? my dog has sweaters bigger than some tops in that size

  12. Forever 21 is owned by Korean Americans. I suppose that may explain the size difference as I suppose an average sized asian woman would be quite a bit smaller than an average WASP lady. I hope this does not limit your buying there as the owners are very generous folks who actively give to their church and world missions. (I'm a missionary who has benefited from their generosity and your purchases).


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