No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Mark decided to take the kids to their first pro-baseball game tonight. When we told Jafta, he was so excited. While we were getting ready, we noticed that Jafta went to his room and put his baseball cap on. And then when we were loading the car, we noticed that he had put his baseball, bat, and t-ball stand in the trunk.

He was totally assuming that he would be playing.

When we told him that they were just going to watch a game, he was so devastated. He had totally envisioned himself playing out there on the field. We had one disappointed, crying little boy heading off to an Angel's game tonight.


  1. OHHHHH POOR BABY!! How cute is he? That will be a great story. Angel

  2. I love this kid!! I love the way he thinks - BIG. I mean what good are low hopes??

  3. We had a blast!! India was a big fan too!! She loved clapping and cheering!! Of course, we all loved the eating!! I think Jafta ended up enjoying himself too!! Let's go again!!

  4. Jafta is so much like my son Caleb (they even have the same quilt). This same exact situation happened to us. It's rough when you think you think your giving your kid a treat and they are so tortured by it :)


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