The Perils of Transracial Adoption

Your child may grow up thinking this kind of dancing is cool . . .


  1. This is VERY funny! Totally looks like my kids. Fortunately yours still has many years to redeem his dance skills. Sadly, mine are seven and nine, and I fear they may be predestined for school-dance wall-flower geekdom, just like their mama! I am genetically predisposed to be to be disinclined to perform any feats of coordination and/or rhythm. My kids don't have nature OR nurture on their side.

  2. Too cute! I have several videos of my son doing his "moves" as well (just look up "break it down" on my blog!) and he cracks us up every time!!

  3. This could be my son dancing on any given day.

    We have a son adopted from Haiti. He's been home for just over five years, and we just celebrated his 6th birthday. We're in San Diego!


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