Ya'll ready for a show?

The kids have taken to "putting on a show". This is how it usually goes:

1. the kids line up the chairs
2. Jafta makes us sit down
3. Jafta says "Are you ready for a show?" about twenty times. India tries to say it, too, but it sounds more like "Neddy a so?".
4. Both kids refuse to sing, dance, or perform in any way that might constitute a "show"

Jafta's kind of like the hype man at a rap concert. Or the crowd warmer at a talk show taping. He's just there to get you excited, but that's where it ends. India doesn't really do much either. She just sits in the chair and laughs at Jafta.

These kids better get their act together if they wanna take it on the road.


  1. Seriously my kids' shows are even worse than that. I've banned puppet shows from even happening because all they do is bang into each other. I was putting on real shows at age 5. Yes, I was manipulated and guilted by my parents to sing and dance for all their friends and relatives. Yes, it scarred me for life. But come on.....couldn't some of this have been passed on. Why can't my kids take it a little more seriously?

  2. When my kids were younger and would pull out the "shows", I tried to encourage the concept of beginning, middle, and END. It sounds harsh, but once they get going, they just keep going, and going, and going.



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