A Carefree, Gay Joyride

Mark's mom went on a trip this week, and she parked her car at our house. She drives a powder-blue VW convertible bug. Mark thought it would be really fun to take the kids for a little spin on Saturday morning with the top down. It was a great day, the sun was shining, and the kids were excited. Until . . .

Mark rounded the corner by our house, where four teenage boys were standing at the curb waiting for a bus. Apparently, they formed a quick opinion of Mark for driving such a feminine car, and decided to shout a certain slur at him as he drove by. And I don't think they were British and asking for a cigarrette.

I can assure you, they were inaccurate. But I guess he was kind of a moving target in this car. Note to self: next time I let the kids go for a ride in a pastel-colored convertible bug, I should drive. Hopefully we can avoid Jafta learning any new words next time.


  1. Hilariousness.
    OH how funny. And I've been trying to shield the tiny ears of "stupid" and "dumb"
    Jafta might have a more serious issue if he shares that one at preschool.

    At least the car wasn't dusty pink.

  2. What a cute car!! The kids look darling!! Love, Grandma

  3. LOL !! Have I a red Suzi Beetle (turbo) and my husband Gary is not crazy about her in the least! He would die if anyone called him a name while driving her around ! Though Suzi has been ill of late and he did start a prayer group for her, so he must have some feelings for her or maybe its me, he has the feelings for. Jafta is learning at a young age, that these VW bugs do bring out bottled up emotions that people apparently were not aware of ! Totally awesome car !!


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