Every Man For Himself

I mentioned before how my kids have started putting on shows that don't really go anywhere. The good news is that they have added a wee bit of actual content to the shows, instead of just setting up chairs and doing nothing. India is trying to sing a song. Jafta . . . well, I'm not totally sure what Jafta is doing here. I think he's pretending to make the sounds of a bass guitar. But then he uses the remote as a violin bow? Hmmm.

I think they need to collaborate a little. They are upstaging each other, not reading each other's cues, and totally not on the same page. These kids have got to get it together if we wanna take this on the road. How are they gonna make me gobs of money tour as a worship band if this is the best they can do??

[[EDITED TO ADD: Okay, after multiple views, I have figured out that Jafta is actually doing the bass guitar part from "I'm Slowly Turning Into You" by the White Stripes. Seriously: listen. If you know the song, he's pretty right on. ]]

Phewsh. I feel better now.


  1. If I'm right here, you should be right here...

  2. Okay so I just watched Sigur Ros in concert and they played their electric guitars like Jafta; with a violin bow. And they make millions. That kid is on to something...what a little genious you have on your hands ;-p

    I was talking to Mark yesterday about how Aida got me hooked on your blog (because you're hillarious) and how I feel a little creepy/stalkerish reading about your lives & rarely talking to you in person.

  3. OMG.....I love your kids. Move to Seattle. Please?

  4. how cute are they! you must have tons of fun at your house! i do have to ask...where did you get that adorable couch?


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