Friday morning snuggle:

Jafta: Daddy, your breath is stinky.
Mark: Does daddy have coffee breath?
Jafta: Yes. You need to go brush your teeth.
(mommy laughs in agreement)

Friday evening snuggle:

Mark: Jafta, did you just toot?
Jafta: Yes, and it's a really stinky one.
Mark: That is a stinky toot, Jafta. Wow.
Jafta: Yeah. I need to go brush my bottom.


  1. Miles woke up the other morning and Ryan was getting him dressed.
    Miles says, "I just told my butt not to toot at you, Daddy."

    Gee, thanks :)

  2. Read this to my entire family the other night. They all laughed out loud. VERY cute story. After hearing it, my grandma is all the more eager to have you stop over for a bathroom break if ever you come to play at the park. ;)


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