Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch earlier this month, and the kids were so excited to pick out their new pumpkins. Jafta has been asking me to make pumpkin pie every day since. What is he thinking?? That is way too much work. Maybe I will buy one at Whole Foods and pretend like I made it while he was asleep.
Because that's the kind of mom I am.


  1. LOL. This is the way I roll too. The poor kids miss out on a lot. It teaches them how cruel the world is at a tender age. I say, they might as well figure it out now.


  2. cracking me up!
    yes go buy one ... tell him you made it ... he'll never know!

  3. Instructions:
    buy pie.
    night night Jafta.
    light pumpkin candle.
    homemade pie.


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