White People CAN Dance

This just makes me laugh. A lot. It has pixelated nudity, foul language, and it's racially insensitive. So actually, maybe you shouldn't watch it at all. Yeah. Don't click play. Look away!!!


  1. oh my word.
    i've watched this twice and can't stop laughing!

  2. OLE'!!!

    I CRACKED UP over the spontaneous rap that broke out. Brilliant.

  3. Hey Kristen, Nicole at GidgetGoesHome told me about your blog today. I should be cooking dinner but instead here I sit watching that hilarious video. I'll be showing it to my husband tonight; he dances just like the white cop LOL!

    I'm an adoptive mom too; my daughter is seven.

  4. my favorite is the corporate office scene. oh, the awkward white people dancing. And the gal without her bra.

    love it.

  5. omg... that is hilarious. I found your blog thru a friend and I think you are too funny! Definitely entertaining. :)


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