Why you shouldn't let kids watch ROOTS

Today we were at the park, and there was another little boy there who looked about six years old. This little boy decided to pretend that Jafta was his slave. He would order him around, saying things like "hey slave, get over here". At first I thought I heard him wrong. But no. He definitely had the slave concept down.

I think this MAY take the cake on awkward racial experiences for me. Well, maybe it's a close second to the time a lady approached me at the farmer's market to tell me that her daughter had a negro baby, too. Yes, she actually used that word.

Anyhoo, just a good reminder to be vigilant about what our kids watch. So if you are in need of a Patrick Swayze fix and decide to order up the North & South miniseries on Netflix, do me a favor and wait until your kids are down.


  1. grief.

    yesterday my daughter came home saying that a friend told her if Barack won the election that a "redneck" would just kill him.


    where do they hear this?

    it drives me crazy.

  2. Wow....unbelievable what people will say. Actually, not that I think about it, if more people said what they are actually thinking it would be even more shocking.

  3. Yikes,that is horrible. We were at the grocery store yesteray and I had the boys in the front of the cart. The deli guy who was stocking the shelves looks at me and starts yelling "black and white, black and white!" he then goes into the chorus of Michael Jackson's song "Black and White"...weird.

  4. That did not happen! Oh my!

  5. Okay, I have to admit - as my kids were watching Prince of Egypt this afternoon, it dawned on me that the little boy might have been imitating this movie!

  6. OK seriously???? WHAT? Oh NO! ACK!

    Awful but I can let the poor kid off the hook.

    The woman doesn't get so much grace. How does she NOT know better?


  7. You know, I need to tell the whole story of that woman sometime. I don't know how, but God gave me incredible grace with her, and instead of giving her a karate chop to the head, I actually had a long conversation with her. I think it seriously changed her views on some things. Need to write a post about that one!

  8. Kristen--you have the patience of Job--I admire you more every day. You are truly an inspiration to me!! People are idiots--and I'm more apt to tell them so. I can learn from you.

  9. completely unbelievable what people will say. Also off the subject a little i know but i've seen roots and it was very good. i even cried a little


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