I have a little program that tells me what people searched for before they came to my blog. It's always interesting to see what you folks are googling that lands you here.

To those of you who googled "haiti + adoption": welcome! Are you adopting too? Are you thinking about it? If you have any questions about the process, I will tell you everything I know about the process in Haiti. Which will probably change within the hour.

To those of you who googled "kristen + howerton": Hello. How do we know each other? Are you my high school friend or something? Drop me a comment so I don't think I'm being stalked. Not that I'm paranoid or anything. Are you watching me right now?

And to the person who got here from googling "french + kissing + daughter": Please. Get help. Now. I don't know what you were looking for when you typed that in, but I think you need some assistance from a trained professional. And I'm not accepting new clients.


  1. Hahaha! Kristen just found YOUR blog tonight from your comments on mine. Welcome to my world. Am going to spend a lot of time enjoying yours, I can already tell :-) Just what I need...another blog addiction! I actually don't follow many but within 5 minutes loved reading yours and will be back often...already bookmarked you, you should be honored!!! HAHAHHAA

  2. uh huh.

    some of the things I have seen on the analytics is down right hilarious.

  3. how do you figure that out?? i want to see how people found my page. but maybe it won't work b/c i have wordpress and not blogspot. :o)

  4. That is more than a little bit creepy...

  5. Hi Kristen, you don't know me, but you might know my sister, Julie Lawrence, she attended Rock Harbor for a long time. She told be about your blog and how great it're a fabulous writer and I love hearing about life with little ones and all the day to day happenings. Thanks for making me smile and knowing that all of us with little ones are not alone.

  6. Oh.My.
    You're bookmarked here so no googling on this end. :)

  7. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Scary, very - very scary! I cannot believe that someone would google that(french kissing one)....or maybe I can believe it. WWWW - world wide web of weirdos!!

  8. I found your blog from the Blogher list and I'm a little bit obsessed! Would you mind if I put a link on mine?

  9. I found your blog because you guilted me and told me that most of the other people you know have their friends write on their blog all the time. You manipulated me (typical recurring theme in my life) and make me feel like an unsupportive friend. I'm constantly trying to win your approval. There you go! These are all of your issues and not mine.

  10. first lets just make it clear that i am not the french+kiss+daughter weirdo who googled you. let's see, a long time ago i saw your blog link on a africaadopt post of yours that i responded to. so i stopped by once a long time ago. then birgitta clark and i (we go to the same church) were talking about adoption and she mentioned you and how she reads your blog and so she e-mailed me the linky-loo and so i'm back. now i check back a little more frequently. there ya go my confession on how i found you :)

  11. I am in the category of kristen + howerton. i couldn't remember your blog, so i had to find it somewhere. usually i go to facebook first, but google was quicker. So i am not a stalker.
    love the blog kristen, i laugh out loud every time.

  12. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I saw you at Trader Joes and looked at your credit card to get your name. Then I googled you b/c your so beautiful and I can't stop staring at you. I found all your personal information online so I can stay in touch. I like the outfit you were wearing today and how you pace around your kitchen while eating your breakfast cereal.

    Just kidding. I'm your sister! (Brooke)


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