I Heart New York

Mark and I are in the Big Apple for a much needed getaway. We are having a blast. Some highlights from today:

  • sleeping in
  • lunch in Little Italy
  • gelato
  • laughing at crazy people on the subway
  • reading in bed
  • watching Noggin-free tv with my hubbie
  • Times Square at night
  • crisp fall weather and changing leaves
  • half-price tickets to Spring Awakening
  • decaf espresso


  1. lucky girl. half off to spring awakening. so jealous.

    enjoy yourself...

    and if you so desire, buy some of those roasted almonds off a stand in time square and think of me...there is seriously nothing better.

  2. so jealous...

    but happy for you too :)

  3. I heart NY too. But then again, I'm from here... ;o)

    Sounds like you're having fun. Make sure you get some Ray's pizza!


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