Missed Opportunities at Halloween

Turns out I could have been passing out voting information to unsuspecting children at Halloween! The folks at Yes on Prop 8 are giving me lots of reasons to regret philosophically agreeing with them. I do believe in maintaining marriage in the traditional sense, but boy are their tactics making me cringe. Check out these tracts they posted for people to pass out to trick-or-treaters.


Here you go, kids. No candy tonight. Down with the gays!! Tell your parents!

I like this idea about as much as I like the idea of leaving a "How to Ask Jesus Into Your Heart" tract instead of a tip. Waiters LOVE when that happens!

Here is another idea I missed out on:

Is it just me, or do Christians need to work on their PR skills?


  1. As I've heard it put literally:

    For God's sake, shut up!

    Geeeez, Halloween is no place for politics. It belongs to the producers of high fructose corn syrup!!!

  2. K, Oooh, our opinions diverge... I fully support gay marriage, and Prop 8 makes me wish I lived in CA just so I could vote against it. It hurts my sensibilities that people can be denied the legal rights and the recognition that marriage affords ME as a heterosexual woman, merely because they are homosexual.

    This post touched my heart in many ways: http://www.lathefamily.org/2008/10/dont_take_it_so_personally_5.shtml

    With love,

  3. WHAT THE H????? I feel like I might throw up. How awful.

  4. Corey, we'll always have Oklahoma . . .

  5. My favorite part, is that the guys' Obama peace sign is really "Obama for Mercedes". Which confuses me, does he just not care about being taxed high or can the middle class buy a Mercedes too? I actually think that Obama is for Mercedes, with a fatty tax.

    Just playing around.... :)

  6. That's something you would expect as a SNL sketch...that is just plain crazy!

  7. Aimee9:21 PM

    Vote Yes on Prop 8!!!


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