The Name Game

Mark and I have a ridiculously hard time coming up with names for our kids. I don't know what our deal is. We are both picky, and we both have strong opinions. We also like unusual names. But finding one we both like, and agree on, and can commit to . . . that's difficult. We didn't decide on India's name until the nurse walked in with the birth certificate. I'd like to be a little more planned this time.

So here we are again, stumped on girl names. Help us out!! I put the ones we like best so far in a poll on the sidebar so VOTE. But if you have any other ideas, leave them in the comments.


  1. I hated my name when I was a kid. I just wanted to buy stickers at the store with my name on them. Dammit. Now I think my name is very helpful. I love when telemarketers call looking for Mr. Corey Waters. I tell them "he" doesn't live here any more.

    I voted for Zadie but I like Scout. Except I would always always think of "To Kill a Mockingbird." And doesn't Demi Moore have a Scout?

    You should name her Orange. Nothing rhymes with it, no one could pick on her. (I am totally just kidding).


  2. um, did you consider asking jodie and mike to name their dog something different since that was on the baby name list? a baby totally trumps a dog...

  3. I'm a full believer (whatever a FULL believer is) that you have to see the baby to fully (there's that full word again) decide on a name.

    You've narrowed it down. And when you meet her, you'll say "yup, we know which one!"


  4. So, is Karis, pronounced like the greek Charis? or like Ka-reese with the accent on the second syllable? Either pronunciation, I think I like that one best.

    All of our girl name thoughts have been pretty well centered around things that sound a bit Hispanic... But one we considered before we knew we would adopt was Linnea (accent on the second syllable). They are a sweet bell-shaped twin pink flower that grows on the forest floor.

    Let me apologize in advance for the ultra-long URL...

  5. Zadie always makes me think of the Jewish grandma I never had (seeing as how I'm a Black non-practicing Catholic).
    Kennedy and Karis are too today. The names will date your baby girl (like Debbie and Linda pegs my girlfriends to the 60's FOR-FRICKIN'-EVER).
    Now, Scout Finch Howerton sounds groovy, but I'm partial 'cuz we have an Atticus and a Jem in the family (even though they're dogs).
    Hmmmmm...Howerton...Howerton... It sounds British, and you you have an India, so how about another colony? Jamaica Howerton, America Howerton??? Wait! The "ton" in your surname is actually a remnant of old Scandinavian interlopers, and means town/village. How about Gudrun, Hakan, or Sigrid Howerton? C'mon...

  6. Ever since Jafta has mentioned it, I am a fan of the name Coconut.

  7. Hey, I read your blog all the time, but never comment..!
    Names are SO hard. My daughter, Sada, was decided upon before she was born, so this baby (I'm pregnant-due May 1st), we're going into the birth with NO names picked out! I think Karis sounds cute with all the other names you have going on. I, too, am partial to original "different" names.
    Good luck!

  8. We're in the same boat as you guys. In April, baby #3 is arriving (a girl), but picking out names is definitely harder the more you have. I've loved the name Kennedy for 3 years now, but hubby isn't as keen on it, so I think her name will end up being Liberty Zayne. Just have to convince him that Zayne is a cool middle name and since it's a family name, maybe he'll agree (Chad did come up with the name Liberty--I'm impressed!).

  9. Naming babies are fun and stressful. Good luck. I like Sloan, Kirby and Lincoln.

  10. I voted for Kennedy because I love that name, and it has nothing to do with the fact that my madien name is Kennedy, nope nothing at all.

    I wanted to name our girl that, but always received resistence from Hubby. Our first two children were boys, so no problem. When we found out #3 was a girl I almost had him, he was still recovering from the pregnancy news. But we went with a different name. Totally conventional, very girly, that fits her.


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