I was trying to give the kids some affirmations at dinner tonight. I like to brag about their day to daddy. It makes them feel special. Here were the affirmations from tonight. Can you tell who was giving me trouble today??

Jafta was such a helper today
He wiped up the floor when we came in from the rain
He picked up his toys before naptime
He made such a tall tower with his legos
He played so nicely with his friends at the park
He was a good listener today

India had definite opinions about her outfit this morning
Her behavior today was consistent with how she's acting right now
She showed a strong will at the park today
India was not shy about her feelings at lunch


  1. I love it. Way to accentuate the positive, however little of it there is! You are all ready to start writing report card comments. :-)

  2. This is so funny. Way to turn a negative into a positive! I think I'll steal your idea to boost the kids self esteem and sway from 'he drove me crazy, i can't take anymore, how needy can you be?'

  3. great pic of India ... oh two year olds ... such fun.

  4. beautiful photo!

    We must affirm that free spirit... it will take her places.

  5. That's exactly what we do on report cards. The best was one time I had a very difficult child--I couldn't think of a thing positive to say about him. Lonnie came up with "greatest potential for improvement"!! India, however, is the cutest thing ever--she can do what ever she wants!! Love, Grandma


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