Fashionista, I'm Not

You know you are getting old when you get the new Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail, and instead of drooling over the clothes, this is your stream of consciousness:

"Really? People wear this stuff? Are they trying to be ironic with these clothes? Who pairs a flannel over a satin dress? Why are these models slouching so much? Why dont't they wear bras? And stand up straight? And eat something? There is nothing in here I would wear. Even if I was super skinny. I wonder if The Gap is having a sale . . . ."


  1. Tell me about it...skinny skinny skinny. Some of the fashion these days is crazy. Hope your feeling better with the nausea!

  2. And how is she going to keep that up? And isn't she cold? She could use a little sun.

    Clearly she has no kids. She'd be wearing that top as either a necklace or a belt in about 2 seconds.

    Love ya,

  3. last time i was there i bought a scarf.

    i love it. i wear it all the time.

    it is also the only thing that would fit me. :)

  4. That lady looks totally lovely. What are you talking about? what do you want from her? Posture? that's a tall order! Oh...and you want her to EAT? Well, who needs to do THAT?


  5. You're fine... I'm 23 and stopped shopping there a year ago. I've come to the conclusion that there store isn't for rational shoppers.

  6. I bought your birthday gift today at Gap!


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