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This was my FAVORITE gift this year: some pictures of Keanan on Christmas Day. He is getting so big, and I am really missing him this season. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with him at home next year.

Here is the most recent update from the orphanage. We love getting these so much, and hearing about his little personality. Sounds like a Howerton boy already. Please keep praying for his adoption process and that he will be home SOON!!

Keanan is energy in motion. He is a delightful little boy who bounds from one activity to the next, always relishing each moment. He is rarely aware of my presence when is playing as he is so consumed, but if he becomes aware that I am watching him he is momentarily still. He is almost always the dirtiest boy in the house as he tackles his play so forcefully. He is a joy to watch as his smile is nearly always present.
Keanan enjoys everything - swinging, climbing, jumping, kicking balls, throwing balls, running, riding the tricycles – you name it. He is perpetually on the move – unless he realizes I’m trying to catch him with my camera and then I glimpse an unexpected moment of shyness.
He interacts well with the other boys and I cannot at the moment recall a time that I have seen him at odds with any of them. He is polite and a willing helper when it comes time to pick up the toys.
Keanan is a healthy eater, and is growing and developing well in every aspect. I do not have any concerns about him at this time.


  1. This must make you so proud, happy, and also sad that you can't be with him right now! I wonder how many times you've re-read this letter....

    And is it just me, or does he look a lot like Jafta in the picture on the left in his yellow shirt?

    So precious...

  2. I bet you were overjoyed seeing these pics...I am sure you miss him so much. I hope he comes home soon!

  3. He is so cute. It sounds like he is a Howerton/Lyons boy! I can't wait for him to be with us next Christmas.

  4. He sounds like such a sweetie!!!
    My updates are a little bittersweet these days...being so close (or hopefully so close) to the end.


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