For the last seven years, we've had a Christmas Eve breakfast with the same 4 couples. It has become a tradition I look forward to every year, especially as more and more kids are added to the mix (which means less and less time to hang out together). Here are some photos from today, and a flashback from several years ago. We totally look the same. Right? RIGHT????


  1. Those are great pics...and no you all look exactly alike...especially Mark's hair LOL

    You are glowing...your due soon...I bet your sooo excited!

  2. Hey Kristen- I am one of your blog stalkers. I went to college with Sarah, my name is Kristin too! I used to babysit for Moya and Steve and I about crapped my pants when I saw how big Parker and Landon are!!! If you think about it, please tell them that Kristin-locked-in Jail says hello. They'll know what it means...and no I did not do anything inappropriate with their kids. :0)


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