What is your child's Native American name?

We've all played the "What's Your Porn Star Name" game. Okay maybe just me. But I thought it would be funny do have a little fun at our own childrens' expense. Because I'm having one of those days where if I don't laugh, I just might cry. Again, maybe just me.

Soo . . .

Play along. If you had to name your child based on their characteristics right now, what would it be? Think Dances With Wolves, toddler style. I've been toying around with the following Native American names for my kids.

For India, I'm thinking

Prone to Tantrums

or maybe

Rapidly Cycling Moods

For Jafta, perhaps

Endless Questions With No Answers

or maybe
Noise That Keeps Moving

What about your kids? Come on. You know you have some ideas . . .


  1. I'm no good with Native names but I commonly use boxing names:

    Kai but why Stabile


    Nash sleepless Stabile

  2. Hmm. I think I have:

    Creative Whirlwind

    Bossy Girl with Razor Sharp Tongue

    Kind and Generous Spirit

    Boy who Hates Mother

    Neverending Chatty Tornado

    Mama's Boy 4-eva

    (ok, the last one is not sounding too Native American, but it IS fitting)

    It sounds like Jafta and Erica would be best friends. Or totally burn each other out.


  3. Tanner wood be:
    Hits His Head A Lot
    Never Sits Still Runs A Lot

  4. How interesting that your toddler names fit my teenage boy perfectly!

    For my pre-teen I would say:
    Hates to Bathe

  5. That's funny and today "I needed to laugh" so thank you!

    My husband (affectionately?) came up with a name for my mom a while back with the same idea... Stamps Foot Loudly. Still cracks me up.


  6. Mine would be:

    My moods change with the wind

    Lots of talking with little meaning

    Is everyone looking at me?

  7. He who breaks sinks.

    She who knows much. (Hope)

    He of great joy. (Ike)

    She who consumes much food. (Phoebe)

    She who screams much and walks not. (Lydie)


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