New Purses!!

I just got five more purses from Haiti. They are all the feedbag style. Several of you asked about these, because they were all sold on the first day last round. If you are interested, head on over to the Etsy store and snatch one up!


  1. Kristen,

    Is there any way to buy these and have them sent to Canada? I would love to buy one but can't seem to get around the shipping.

    Thanks, Christina

  2. Hi Everyone-
    As we speak (type) there is a website being built and designed that will be operated out of CA by the Moseley Family -- they will have the ability to ship purses in the USA and Canada ... they will have 100's of choices and will be able to update the stock more frequently -- we are in the last stages of getting this up and running along with information about who created the purse you buy and the story of that woman. Stay tuned!!!!

  3. Thank-you so much Tara, I can't wait for the new website! Haiti is near and dear to my heart as two of our babies are from there. I will be sure to spread the word as soon as you are up and running, I think the work you are doing in Haiti is great.


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