um, oops

Earlier this evening, a car alarm started going off on our street. This happens several times a week. For some reason, the multi-generational family across the street feels it necessary to protect their large fleet of mid-90's sedans with blaring sirens. 'Cause our suburb is so ghetto and all. I am ever annoyed by this and every time it happens, I feel like marching right over there and telling them to turn the alarm off already, NO ONE WANTS TO STEAL YOUR OLD BEAT-UP CAR.

So when the alarm started blaring tonight, of course I was seething. It seemed to be going on forever. My kids thought it was awesome. They were dancing to the rhythm and acting like they were at a rave or something. It just kept going and going. I'm getting more and more incensed. Why aren't they shutting it off?

Then I notice India is using my keys as a "noisemaker" in her dancing reverie. Wait, those don't look like my keys . . . my keys don't have a remote control . . . whose keys are those? Oh yeah, my inlaws left their car here.

Oh wait.


I am the annoying neighbor who is failing to turn off the car alarm.

I walked outside and, I kid you not, half of the family across the street is standing outside glaring at me.

Um, oops?


  1. hahahahaaha! Love it!

  2. This is too funny!

    Which neighbors; the ones who's car alarms always goes off; you should have shouted "how does it feel"...I kid I kid!

  3. Just go buy some glow sticks. It will give your next preschool rave party a hint of authenticity. Buy extra. That way, if it happens again, you can pass them out to your neighbors and invite them to the car-alarm rave party at your house. They'll love it!

  4. Well at least they deserved it! My whole morning was thrown off today when a car alram- directly in front of our bedroom window- went off at 5:00 for about 20 minutes straight! Fuming, of course, it took me forever to fall back to sleep, then I ultimately OVERslept! Grrr!

  5. That is TOO funny.
    Especially because WE'VE been 'that' family.
    When Sean was younger he would grab the car remote every chance he could get and press that red button.....
    I'm sure my neighbors LOVED us.........

  6. ugh...dang.

    This is SO something I would do. :)

  7. Love it! Just a little payback, India-style.

  8. hahaha! just coming by for my daily dose of laughing. love your blog :)

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