Why sleep when you can read?

India seems to inherited my tendency to read books while I should be sleeping. This is often the scene I find when I come to get her out of bed in the morning, or after her nap. At bedtime, she is the queen of stealth, and will tiptoe out of bed and systematically "read" every book on her shelf. It's cute, but one of these days I will need to explain to her that this habit will not serve her well once she has actual responsibilities in the morning. But for now, I'm letting it go.


  1. I remember those days, Rachel used to "host" tea parties at all hours while everyone in the house got a good night's sleep. She still is somewhat of a night owl. I wonder if that means she is going to be a really good party girl hostess when she gets to college?? Lord, I hope not, give me strength !

  2. India-Please don't teach Tanner this trick. He tried one of your tricks tonight at dinner with my parents-the old food up the noes! There were 4 adults at dinner and no one saw a thing! Stinker!

  3. Oh does this hit close to home...now they are on a bookshelve and she can only do damage to the botton shelf LOL


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