Fun with Stats

I hardly ever look at the stat counter for my blog, but today I checked and was really amused by this little fact:

16% of the people who visit my blog arrive here by googling the phrase "I Hate My Husband".

Awesome. So glad people are turning to google for wisdom on that issue. And then landing here.

For the record, I do not hate my husband. In fact, I think happiness is having a husband who cuts your apples every night. No, that is not an obscure sexual reference. I mean, he literally cuts up apples for me, and then serves them to me on a plate with a scoop of peanut butter. That's real love, people.


  1. I discovered yesterday that pretty much everyone who gets to my blog from google has googled "big fannies." DISTURBING!

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    how do you get the stats? I am interested how people find mine. I use the feedjit but that just zays what city and state they are in.

  3. :) i actually found you that way too ... ssshhhhhh.

  4. Brooke12:05 PM

    Funny! I just tried it, and there you were!


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