a mini-meltdown and a prayer request

I am having a hard night tonight. Our little guy in Haiti, Keanan, is in the hospital. He has a really bad infection in his foot. It's a bacterial infection, probably staph or something like it. Bacterial infections can be nasty to battle even in the US. Could you please pray that the antibiotics work quickly, and that the infection will go away for good and not require any further intervention? He was admitted on Thursday, and I've been trying to take it in stride. But tonight it just kind of hit me. I’ve never had a child in the hospital, and it’s really difficult not to be consumed with worry. It is so hard to be away from him while he is hurting so much. Thankfully, he is in a good hospital, and our orphanage is taking amazing care of him. They have a nanny with him 24/7 and they are keeping me updated every day.

Mark and Jafta will be visiting March 12-17. We planned the trip before Keanan got sick. I would really love for them to have a great bonding time together, so I am praying he heals quickly and is back to his regular self soon. I've already been feeling really down about not being able to visit myself. Now I'm wishing even more that I could fly out there. It's tough to feel so powerless as a mom. I know he is in good hands, but I wish I was the one holding him tonight.

I think it's time for me to sit down and have a good, hormone-fueled cry.


  1. Prayers and happy hopes being sent your way! I can't imagine.

  2. not hormone-fueled, mama-fueled. We hurt when our kids hurt, especially when there is nothing practical we can to do help them. Praying right along with you!

  3. Oh Honey, I'm so sorry. This is my biggest fear. We will be praying for Keanan and for you.

  4. I'm prayin, sister. If any of my babies was in Haiti though, you've got them in the 3 sets of hands I'd want mine in.. God's, John's & Beth's. He'll be okay soon and this will just be a scary memory and part of your adoption story.


  5. I"ve been thinking about him and you all weekend. Praying for you guys. Like others have already said... he is in great hands and have people who love him so dearly who are watching over him. Please keep us updated on his status. Again praying for you all!

  6. I'm sorry, Kristen. I can't imagine what it must be like to feel that distance. Prayers for you and yours,

  7. Corey, I totally agree!

  8. Oh Kristin,
    So sorry.....
    Praying for your son.

  9. I am glad to hear he is well taken care of; I hope he gets better soon. Please keep us updated.

  10. I'm joining you in that cry. I too wish I could be there to just hug the little guy!! I'm so glad there is someone with him all the time--I was wondering about him being all alone. I'm praying constantly. Can't wait to hear the good news that he's better.

  11. In prayer as well.

    Poor little man...


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