who says tv is bad for kids?

I know that there has been some recent research suggesting that there is no benefit to kids watching television, even when the shows are educational. But I beg to differ. My daughter is two years old, and I have never worked on the ABC's with her. Ever. I'm not one of those moms who does a lot of academic training with the kids. At this age, I try to stick to teaching them more practical things. Like how to give me a pedicure, or how to fetch mommy's box of Chardonnay from the fridge. But look at what India showed me she can do! This is all thanks to Sesame Street:

And check out these sweet dance moves Jafta is learning. I think he's ready to hit the clubs. (and yes, India is reading a High School Musical book. And yes, that's a pillow and heating pad on my sofa. I'm 8 months pregnant, ya'll).


  1. Gotta love tv!!! Great videos and Jafta's dance moves....love it!

  2. India's video: loved the surprising unique ending to the ABC's. did she say something about "mom?" LOVE it

    Jafa's video: LOVE how close he stands to the TV.

    thanks for the giggles. your kids are ADORABLE.

    hope you're feeling decent. you're almost done! fun seeing pictures of sarah's new baby.

    You're next!



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