Like an alcoholic in a bar

I have to drive by it several times a week. When I see the building, I have a physiological reaction. My pulse starts racing, my adrenaline pumps, and I get giddy with anticipation. Usually, I restrain myself. Nothing good will come from going in there, I repeat in my mind. I know me. I know I will lose control. I know I will give over to the temptations that await me inside Room and Board.

And yet, that temptation pulls me in. I'm just looking, I rationalize. Just a peek at the new collection.

This time will be different.

And then I become a little dizzy from the deigner lighting. All that good design sitting on polished concrete starts making me woozy. Too many Eames products in one room and I have lost all sense of control. I begin the rationalization of an addict:

These bunk beds would create more space in Jafta's room.

This crib and changing table aren't THAT expensive. I could sell them on Craigslist after I use them.

A new baby deserves a new nursery.

Look how much Jafta likes this room.

Fortunately a cranky toddler pulls me out of my cycle of addiction. I scurry to the door before any damage is done, and vow I will never go in there again.

Until December. FLOOR MODEL SALE!!!!


  1. Aaaarrgh! Bunkbeds! I bought a totally cute set at IKEA to give the Peanut more room (and a place for cousin Noah). Changing sheets is a nightmare. Sitting and comforting a pre-schooler who can't to get to sleep is impossible. DON'T DO IT!

    I hope that helps with your self-control issues. ;-)

  2. Amen to that - bunkbeds are evil - who even thought them up !! They are just terrible !! Been there - done that !! What a nightmare !!

  3. You are strong to resist...I love it all!


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