Things I Did Not Need to See Today

1. I did not need to watch the Oprah episode on how hospitals make so many mistakes, and how many people die from hospital malpractice. Especially with one kid in the hospital, and another ready to be born in one in a few weeks.

2. I did not need to read a full-page warning from the government against travelling to Haiti when I registered Mark and Jafta's trip with the embassy. I know this stuff already, but I didn't need to see it today!

3. I did not need to stumble upon this article. Why? Why would I find this today? And then why would I read it??? Fortunately this is NOT where Keanan is being treated.

This is me for the rest of the night:

And now, for something I was actually relieved to read: Keanan has been transferred to an even better hospital. He is having surgery on his foot tomorrow morning. They are anticipating he might be home by the weekend - just in time for Mark's visit. If not, Mark and Jafta will be logging some quality time with him at the hospital. Either way, the boys are so excited to see him.


  1. K,

    You are a good mom. And a good wife.

    Mark and Jafta will be okay. You know this. I'm not telling you anything you don't know, just reminding you. Look how long John and Beth have lived safely in Haiti. Look at Tara and Troy living safely in Haiti with all of their precious children. Mark and Jafta will be okay.

    Keanan will be okay too. He is being looked over by people who have his best interests at heart, who will continue to watch over him and get him the best medical care possible. There are so many people praying for your baby boy, and we will continue to do so. This may be a perfect opportunity for him to bond with Daddy.. some of the best bonding experiences I've had with our kiddos is when they have been sick.

    Stop watching Oprah. Stay away from the internet. Teach India some Bob Marley songs like "don't worry.. about a thing.. cuz every little thing.. is gonna be all right!"


  2. I have never registered with the Embassy. Wow, things I should know.

    Praying for you!

  3. I maintain the theory that ignorance is bliss is the way to go.

    Wanna know what I didn't need to see?? The 500 pound man ahead of me at the grocery store bend down to pick up his quarter, only to reveal a hairy butt crack that appeared in need of a good scouring. What I further didn't need was to see him proceed to scratch said crack and then smell his is that for something better left unseen?


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