Random and Unrelated Bullet Points

  • I am still pregnant. I am scheduled to be induced on Monday. I cannot express how uncomfortable I am, and what my feet and ankles look like right now. If I weren't so vain, I would post pictures of my feet and you could all have a laugh at my expense. A medical induction without a midwife is not how I pictured my ideal birth. But I am letting that go. Moving on to Project Evacuate My Uterus.

  • Mark and Jafta were rear-ended today. They are fine, thank God. Our car is not. The other car was a small car and actually went under our CRV, causing a lot of damage to both. We are now trying to navigate how to pay for this accident. We have insurance - but using it will end up in a DMV report. The other car is owned by a very sweet and very scared couple who could be deported for something like this. Mark spent the day getting estimates that are half the value of the car's worth, and talking to this couple to try to figure out a solution for all of us. A tad bit stressful.

  • There was a car parked about 3 feet from our door today, with a couple smoking pot inside in plain view of my kids. They sat there for about an hour, and we finally decided to call the police. We live fairly close to a motel that houses lots of drug addicts, so I assumed they were just a couple who lived there, driving around for a place to use. When the cops came, we peered out the windows like a couple of nosey old ladies and watched what happened. I even took a picture. It was the most excitement we've seen in a while. They were searched, drugs and syringes were confiscated, and they were cited. Apparently being arrested these days is a self-service thing. They were instructed to drive themselves in to me fingerprinted and photographed. When the police left, the couple got out of the car and walked into a house down the street. OOPS!! I had no idea they were neighbors. I have a feeling my house might be egged in the near future. But seriously. Do your drugs in your own house.

  • India has started this new thing were she wakes up every around midnight every night screaming and unconsoleable for about 30 minutes. She just screams at the top of her lungs. Loudly. I don't know if this is a night terror, or what, but she doesn't seem really aware of my existence when this is going on, and nothing I do will calm her down. She is like a feral child when this happens, she hits and throws herself around and won't talk or make eye contact. And then she wakes up perfectly happy in the morning. It makes me sad. It is also really bad timing, since I soon won't have the luxury of moving her to another bedroom when this is happening. I wish I could figure out what is triggering this.

  • I am reading The Year of Living Biblically and I'm loving it. It's about a guy who spends a year trying to follow every law in the Bible. Pretty interesting, and very funny.

  • This morning I actually played my piano. India wanted me to play while she did ballet in her tutu. Mark told me about a song from the movie Amadeus that I should play. He started humming a little Mozart tune and said "play that one." Like I can just pull a Mozart sonata out of my butt. Then India asked me to play High School Musical. My family grossly overestimates my musical abilities. I got through one botched version of Hey Jude and called it a day.

  • I found a Black superhero at Target. In the store. Without having to special order it. His name is Cyborg and I can't wait to give him to Jafta. It's the little things that make me happy.


  1. Found you via twitter search for "labor." Had acupuncture today as well, hoping to jumpstart labor to avoid the pitocin scheduled for Monday. Best of luck to you!

  2. Wow, that whole pot thing is nuts. You'd think the cops would drive them, since they were just sitting there getting high! Weird.

    I'll be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow! I'm sure you're MISERABLE, you poor thing.

    And the night crying...so frustrating. They seem so disturbed and there's nothing you can do. Helpless.

  3. At the risk of being mocked (ahhh Christianity) Try praying for your little one when she has her night terror. Hold her and pray outloud for her. I share this from experience. There IS power in the name of Jesus.
    Can't wait to hear (read) that your baby girl has arrived and your ankles and everything else slowly starts to decompress.


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