Pro-Lifers, Make Yourself Useful

There has been quite a bit of press this week about the abortion debate. It prompted me to write this article over at Conversant Life, suggesting the Pro-Life Movement re-think their tactics. I would love to start a dialogue on how those who oppose abortion can use that energy in useful ways. Have a look, leave a comment, and let me know what you think.


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  2. Well written article. I consider myself pro-birth and cringe at being associated with a lot of the pro-life movement's actions (I know using the term "pro-birth" is maybe considered by some to be semantics I simply think that if you use the term "pro-life" and yet are also pro-war that you might be a contradiction - but that's another topic eh?). Anyways, I like the ideas that you throw out - I think the focus needs to be on the ways that we can enter into relationship with those who have had abortions, are at risk of having an unwanted pregnancy, or have had a child that they are struggling to care for. I wonder if less women would choose to have an abortion is there were people who actively came along side them with support and help before the baby was born as well as after.

    Thanks for bringing the issue up - it's an important one to dialogue about!

  3. Amber8:23 AM

    I agree that hate and shock are not the way to go. I work/volunteer at a clinic in which we provide girls struggling with an unplanned pregnancy information and counseling and those that have had an abortion, post abortion counseling and Bible study. We have never taken funding from the government whether the administration was pro-life or pro-choice. This is because we wanted to be able to pray and share the gospel with our clients. Now we are facing uncertainty because of possibly being required to go against our beliefs and refer clients for abortions. We are a clinic that stands for giving women options besides abortion, they can go so many other places to get an abortion. I want to know why it is called pro-choice when the only choice that is promoted is abortion. Abortion clinics do not offer counseling. I cannot tell you how many times girls come to us and tell us how different we are from an abortion clinic because we care for them. There is a lot of genetic screening that is free of charge in CA (paid for by the government) so that the "burden to society" of having "imperfect" babies born is decreased. There are so many things stacked against us to be able to do what we are already doing. I'm disappointed that we have a president that wants to violate my conscience and make it mandatory for us to refer for abortions. Essentially, as medical practitioners, that is us recommending this as a safe and healthy practice. We will continue to love these women and girls, give them a safe place to come and talk, give them food clothing and referrals for a safe place to stay, give medical and nutritional advice, refer to ob/gyn, help with getting insured, let them see their baby (with ultrasound), give them diapers, clothes and formula and make an informed choice as long as we have the freedom to do so without having to refer for abortions as well.

  4. I know this blog post is old, but is there a way to read this article?


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