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Karis has some serious baby dandruff (cradle cap). I've been reading up on how to care for it and the consensus is to rub baby oil all over the baby's head. It sounded simple enough, but now Karis's head is a big greasy mess that is leaving an oilspot on everything she touches. I was trying to figure out a way to cover her head, and I remembered we still had some do-rags left from Jafta's foray with dreadlocks. Worked like a charm.
(And for all you white folk from Orange County, click here to find out what a do-rag is).

I think she looks pretty fly.

(You can tell how much street cred I have by my use of the word "fly". And the fact that I still know all the lyrics to Young MC's Bust a Move. Fo shizzle.)


  1. I think she needs one custom made in one of those beautiful fabrics from her car seat. It could be a new etsy adventure for you! Baby do-rags by Kristen.

  2. I don't know... I think she looks more Pirates of the Caribbean than Thug.

    But I agree - something in a pink paisley would be adorable in do-rag fashion.

  3. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Mia's pediatrician recommended Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo. Worked like a charm....


  4. We tell parents at the hospital to rub olive oil into the scalp and leave on for a few hours. After it has sat on the scalp take a soft toothbrush and in a circular motion rub the scalp. I did it with my own and it worked great!

    Karis looks adorable in her do-rag!

  5. Mom of 29:27 PM

    Try pert plus for kids- will keep the scalp beautiful! Cures cradle cap.

  6. I am ROFLMAO. (We have lived in Thousand Oaks for a millenium, but I did a dime in Compton, and am an OG (having taught in LBC).) K-Loc DOES look pretty fly...;-)

  7. Pretty FLY for a white girl!!

  8. Anonymous5:40 AM

    HA HA! She looks so cute! Thanks for your help!


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