The Three-Month Hump

Karis turns 3 months old today. Three months is a beautiful thing, where you start to emerge from the fog of newborndom and you settle into some semblance of normal. Well, a new normal, anyways. I am managing to feel a little less day-to-day crisis, and I'm slowly finding my rythm. I still haven't had a trauma-free grocery store run, but most days I am managing to get showered and dressed and leave the house at least once. And not cry. That is the new measure of success.

I am also getting a little relief from the Post-Partum Crazy I've been dealing with. I'm slowly downgrading from a full-blown DSM diagnosis to my previous baseline of mild neurosis. (Let's just say, in the height of my anxiety, that a part of my decision-making involved weighing out how awkward it would be to check myself in to a psych ward where several of my former students now work). One of these days I'll look back and laugh and write a funny blog post about how balls-out crazy my mind was these last months. But for now, it's too soon. TOO SOON, people.

You know what else it's too soon for? Michael Jackson jokes. Ask me how I know.


  1. From the title I thought you'd gone tantric on us...but that's another "too soon" ;)

  2. Jessica12:29 PM

    I can't tell you how much your blog CRACKS me up....I am so compelled to share another blog with you that I read DAILY, yours and hers are the only 2 I check on a daily basis....and you both have got to be the 2 funniest women I know...and yet, I don't "know" you. What a strange thing this blog world is....Anyway, she swears (often.) so hopefully that's not too offensive to you.. but I'm telling you, her blog cracks me up. I'm going to post a similar comment on hers hoping she checks yours out as well...

  3. 1) You are freaking hilarious.

    2) Karis looks like a baby model.

    That's it.

  4. glad you aren't feeling so crazy....although, lexi just turned 3, and i still am. can u give me the number of that hospital you were speaking of? :)

  5. Can I just say that I wrote a whole blog post about how crazy I was after I had Tyler, but I haven't had the courage to actually post it. I mean, if people knew what was going through my mind on a daily basis they might really question my sanity. And I was also reading the blog of a woman who did check herself into a psych hospital and was so jealous of her.

  6. Grrrr...that last comment was me, but I was signed into a Rock Harbor email account. Sorry!

  7. 3 months...huh, time flies. I mean, for me...

    I'm glad to hear you'll be joining me in a simple on-going neurosis rather than a full-blown psychosis. Welcome back. I think we might be trading places...

    (no, I'm not pregnant, just crazy-ish)


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