in case you were wondering

In case you were wondering what happens if your Tivo fails to "place a call" for over one year :


Nothing happens. Except those annoying daily reminders that you have failed to place a call.

In other news of rule-shirking rebellion, we are still collecting data on what happens if you ignore your jury summons notices and fail to upgrade your computer's Norton Utilities. Will report back on those shortly!


  1. I probably shouldn't say this, but here goes: the cousin of a friend of mine is a judge, so my friend asked him what happens if you ignore the jury summons. His cousin said the courts have a hard enough time tracking down the witnesses and making sure they appear, never mind trying to chase down potential jurors. My friend interpreted that as the freedom to throw out his jury summonses whenever they appeared. This was years ago and he has yet to go in for jury duty, and the system has not yet caught up with him.

    I'm not condoning this practice, I'm just saying.

  2. My "attorney" cousin was appalled that I "ripped up and tossed" my jury summons. He told me I could get arrested for that. I thought... how? Did they see me do it? What if I just never received it and I have NO idea what they are talking about?

    Seriously... what are they going to do? (I am interested in hearing from you about this though!) It might just be one of the better stories in your future book that will make you millions! :)


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