The New "Mom Jean"

Hello dear readers. Our family is still in Seattle, acting like tourists and discovering nature. But lest my blog go blank for a few days, I am reposting from the vault. Since not posting would make it totally obvious that we are on vacation, which is a very unsafe thing to broadcast to the internets.

The New "Mom Jean"

I went shopping for jeans the other day, and I'm still reeling by some uncomfortable revelations.

My shopping quest started because I decided it was time to venture out from my hoodie-and-yoga-pants uniform that I wear pretty much every day. I decided it was time for a little self-care. I'm still young and hip, right? I need a young and hip outfit.

I started my adventure in Urban Outfitters, and then headed over to H&M. I can count on these stores to clue me in on the latest trends, I figure. But I am disturbed by the fact that each of these stores seem to carry only one shape of jean, in varying colors. The skinny jean.

Now, I know the skinny jean is cool. I'm not living under a rock. But I know my body type. And I know that a pear shape in a skinny jean is not a pretty thing. Why would I want to emphasize my midsection and thighs with jeans that sqeeze my legs into a small taper at the bottom? I have always been a fan of the Lowrise Bootcut. The lowrise makes my waist look longer, and the bootcut makes my leg look more proportioned. Hmm, I think in dismay. I guess I need to head over to the Gap for the old standby jeans.

I wander over to the Gap, which has always been dependable in making jeans that fit me. Actually, as I perused the back of the store, I noticed it was lined with jeans for all shapes, sizes, and generations. They even still carry their "classic" jean, which is the Mom Jean of my own mother's generation. I begin to think that perhaps the Gap should not be my fashion compass.

I leave the Gap and wander the mall again. I start to take a mental note of what people around me are wearing. I noticed that everyone under 25 is wearing skinny jeans. And I mean everyone. Anyone who looked cute, hip, and trendy had on some version of this jean.

I begin feeling the slow, sinking despair one feels when they finally crawl out of denial. Like the feeling of finding out a boyfriend is cheating. Or like reading the nutritional content of a Starbucks Frappucino.

"Oh my gosh," I say out loud to no one in particular. "LOWRISE BOOTCUT IS THE NEW MOM JEAN!"
I take a minute for this to sink in. I have have been holding on to the lowrise bootcut for years. I've been clinging to this fashion like my grandma clung to polyester long after it's time. Like my own mom clung to light denim with pleats and a 9" zipper.

So now, I'm stuck with two options. 1) continue rocking the bootcut lowrise, the New Mom Jean, or 2) look like a stuffed sausage in a pair of skinny jeans.

Oi vay. Back to the yoga pants and hoodie for me.


  1. I bought a wider skinny jean last winter and they are actually very forgiving. I also branched out with the trouser fit. But I my low rise boot cut are definitely my comfort clothes!

  2. from one pair shape to another, the skinny jean is of the devil. do you want to go into business with me? i have the idea to market a brand called "pear". everything would be designed for US. but alas, i have no design ability and no business sense.

  3. I'm a low rise boot cut girl myself. And, why, for the life of me... I can't figure out why jeans (and most pants) are made SO DAMN long! Then, the pants hang of the floor. Am I the only one who doesn't "get this?"

    Cheers XOXO,

  4. Ouch. I now know that I own four pairs of mom jeans. Thankyouverymuch. Heh.

  5. OMG! I totally do the Mom Jean thing. I thought it was still cool (we South Carolinians do live under a fashion rock)! If you think your shape looks bad in skinny jeans, wait till you see a 5'4" 200# Southern in them! (and trust me - you won't see that!)

  6. Did you HAVE to disclose the Frappachino information? :)

  7. I like the trouser jean as well, but I'm starting to wonder if that was "last year" as well...Oh well, I guess. I am a mom. Of almost 3, time to deal, I guess.

  8. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I have to say you are right, and the posts here (don't get mad ladies) sort of prove it. You will never see a post saying"I was afraid to wear botcut jeans, but I got over my fear and now I love them" u only see posts like " I still wear them no matter what." Thats proof. Now here is some thought; What makes anyone think that loose material around your ankle makes things better? The legs as God made them taper in. Thats the human body. And the lowrise is what makes people look like their legs are micro short. Try on a mid rise skinny cut. You will look good. Promise.

  9. Want to really go for mom jeans that look fabulous? I've discovered "NYDJ" - Not Your Daughters Jeans complete with a tummy tuck panel in front. They feel amazing! once i got over the idea of no longer being the "daughter".

    1. Love my NYDJ! Their jeans are sleek, have lycra, come in many styles [including skinny AND boot-cut) but they ARE pretty darn spendy! Take a gander at their website--and some larger Macy's stores carry them. Try them on before you dismiss them.

      Bootcut jeans DO balance a heavier fanny but are starting to look--be honest--rather dated. And low-rise isn't at all forgiving unless you're quite firm around the equator. Not all skinnies are tight, and a higher rise is quite slimming. And it stays UP when you bend over!

  10. Robin5:50 PM

    I don't think it counts as a mom jean unless it looks unflattering and sexless. If low-rise bootcut looks hot on you, you should continue wearing it.

  11. just a tip...anyone can rock the skinny as long as they wear a long shirt over top. don't let what they look like alone scare you off...make it work for you!

  12. As a 36 old post-gastric surgery operation tri-apple body type woman, I would have totally agreed with you until a few weeks ago. I experienced a wardrobe emergency while visiting my 18 yr old cousin who only had skinny jeans on offer. With no other choice, I went to my 36th birthday gathering in skinny jeans - petrified that I looked terrible. Then I saw the photos afterward. And I didn't. And the pants were comfortable. Of all things. The trick, according to my cousin, is buying one size up. I think the right length is key as well. I like the Old Navy RockStar-type with a dark wash. You might be surprised if you give them a try!


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