Disney Dad

Things Mom Packs to Take Two Kids to Disneyland:
stroller, sunblock, wipes, alternate outfits, water bottles, healthy snacks, antibacterial gel, camera, band-aids, and extra undies

Things Dad Packs to Take Two Kids to Disneyland:
two kids

Amount of Notice Mom Needs to Go to Disney:
72 hours minimum and a Xanax

Amount of Notice Dad Needs to Go to Disney:
aprox. 2 seconds

Parent Who Wins Girl Scout Badge of Preparation & Frugality:

Parent Who Wins Affection of Kids:


  1. Ain't that the frickin' truth?! Doesn't matter, though. I could never go to Disney all day (or here it's the beach or the zoo or whatever) without all my security crap. I've been LITERALLY crapped on too many times to leave home without it.

  2. HA! Sounds like my Dad! Preparation? Who needs preparation?!

    Love it!

  3. LOL! Isn't this the truth! When we were there last week I was carrying a little backpack of stuff and my husband had nothing. Then when the sun set and I had everybody's jacket but his, he actually asked me how come I hadn't put HIS jacket in MY bag! Ha!


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