the passport problem, and staying off the ledge

I'm feeling a little edgy this week. Could be all the traveling we've been doing this month. Could be the impromptu trip to Haiti we are taking next week. Could be the fact that Mark is at a training all weekend in LA. Could be the three kids thing, the nursing thing, the not-sleeping thing . . . could just be a little lingering post-partum crazy. Whatever the reason, I've been finding myself a little overwhelmed. Okay, a lot overwhelmed.

This morning I got myself into a little panic that we leave Wednesday morning for Haiti, and Karis still has no passport. The handy-dandy online status check tells me that the passport is now "in process". Well thank you, government internet portal. How very helpful and specific of you to tell me that.

I decided to actually call the passport office - which is indication #1 that I'm on edge, because I typically do everything in my power to avoid actually using the phone. After sitting through aproximately 341 automated prompts, I finally got to an operator. I explained the situation. He explained the typical wait time is 2-3 weeks. He pointed out that I allowed for less time than that to process this passport, and basically told me that I should cancel our trip.

Cue me, out on the ledge.

Fortunately, I was feeling a little fiesty, and asked if I could speak to someone else within his office that might have a bit more compassion. And yes, that is the exact wording I used. He got a supervisor, who suggested I make an appointment at the LA regional office. The first available is Monday. We leave Wednesday.

He wouldn't say so outright, but he hinted that perhaps I could leave with a passport that day. I've hunted around online and seen that other people have gotten passports in one day. I NEED TO GET A PASSPORT IN ONE DAY.

I do not like adventure. I do not like surprises. I do not liking driving to LA. This situation is not sitting well with me. I am really, really hoping that tomorrow when I check the Supremely Helpful and Specific Online Passport Updater, that it will tell me "already on the way to your house via overnight mail, no need to drive to LA".

There's a chance, right? Right?!?


  1. You can get one in a day, at least you could three years ago. A friend of mine had a similar issue and drove to DC from North Carolina and was issued one the same day. I am not sure if this is general practice, but they have done it before. Hopefully Monday will bring the resolution you desperately need.

  2. I had a similar problem a little over a year ago with my passport. I was updating it with my married name and paid to have it expedited, but it managed to get "lost" in the passport system. The week before I traveled, they still hadn't located it. I live in Kentucky but the only place I could get an appointment in a passport office was Houston, so I flew there 3 days before I was supposed to travel. I had an early morning appointment and had my passport in hand 30 minutes before the office closed that day. You may pay an arm and leg for everything, but it will be worth it for your sweet girl to meet her big brother!!!

  3. Hi, found your blog-don't remember where, but I've been following for a couple of weeks. I hope that's ok! We're starting the adoption process so I've learned a lot from you!

    And the passport issue, yes, you can get it in a day. You do have to go to a passport agency (much like a want to get punched in the face when you walk in just to take your mind off of the pain associated with waiting for-EV-er in that socially awkward/infuratingly slow setting).

    We had to do this in April before we went to Nicaragua with our 6 week old. We had a morning appointment and had it in hand by the end of the business day. Both parents do have to show up and schedule an appointment with them first, it's much easier.

    Good luck!! I'm rooting and praying for you.


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