In their siblings' voices

I really like reading about transracial adoption from the perspective of adult adoptees. Some of it is discouraging, and some of it is heartbreaking, but it always teaches me something. One of my favorite books on the subject is a collection of essays called In Their Own Voices:Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories. The editors of that book have just come out with a new voice, from the siblings' perspectives. I just ordered it and I can't wait to read it.

I always wonder how it will effect my daughters to be raised with two brothers of a different race. I like how being a transracial family has pushed us out of our comfort zone, and I hope that the experiences I am giving my kids will allow them to move with comfort through situations where they are the minority or the majority. I like to think that my daughters will be the better for it. I am anxious to hear the experience of others, and learn from them.

Anyone read this one yet? Anyone have older kids with a perspective of their own on this?


  1. I am excited to see that book! I hadn't heard about it so I'm glad that you posted about it here. I often wonder what Noah's feelings will be as he looks back.

  2. Definitely post a review on this one! I have the other one, but have not yet read's in my "to read before we get the babe" pile.

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I am the bio White sibling in a multi racial family (I grew up in the 70's and 80's). I am now the mother of kids from Taiwan, Haiti, and America. I'd be glad to visit with you any time. I can email you privately if you wish.



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