less stuff = more life?

Okay, okay. Yes, I occasionally watch Oprah. But I gotta tell ya, this episode is one of the reasons why. I find it so fascinating to consider what other cultures are doing, and to think about what does and doesn't work within our own. It always shakes up my little American bubble to hear about how things are done in Denmark. I don't agree with all of it . . . but I think they're on to something.

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  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Ummmmm, yeah, socialism at it's finest. It's funny how people who don't excel at what they do are always such proponents of socialism. Think about it....

  2. Surely does look like they have some things right. Their focus on family as well as their 'less is more' mentality. It's a good reminder for me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay Denmark! In Canada we have a similar way of life. Healthcare for everyone, a year paid maternity leave, social programs, etc....works for us!

    Anon-i think you are offbase. what is it that countries like Denmark,Canada, Sweden, are not exceling in? Happiness? Humanism? Or is it that we lack government bail-outs, metal detectors in our schools, or the belief that all human beings are created equal regardless of socio-economic status?

  4. I think most Americans would be surprised if they really dove into what makes socialism work and work well in most European countries. You would find that these socialist policies are both sensible and beneficial all the way around, and far less reliant on the government than one may think. A good example is the universal health care coverage all French citizens receive. This coverage is both funded by the government and private sources.

    GO DENMARK, yes we are jealous!

  5. I told my hubby if a job ever opened up in Denmark,we're OUTTA HERE!!!!
    Just kidding....kinda....

  6. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. I definitely want to visit Denmark :)



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