Octopus Crime

Poor Jafta. His strict, uptight prents don't let him watch any of the mature cartoons his young friends are watching, so he must learn about the characters and action heroes from his friends at school. He has come home many a day talking about Fawn Solo or Pirates of the Carrivean or Dark Vader - always unclear on who these people are, but always sure they must be really, really cool.
This is his new favorite. "Octopus Crime". He's the head of the Transformers. Apparently with long arms designed to provide padding for flatpacked Swedish furniture.


  1. i was telling jay last night about all of jafta's costumes, his imagination and creativity.

    we were in stitches.

    that kid is so cute. :)

  2. As kids, we never, ever saw a Disney movie. Thankfully, someone had bought us a boxful of 33 1/2 Disney records and the accompaning edited books, so we kids at least got the big picture of the story:-)


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