eight confessions, each progressively worse

1. I went to see the vampire movie while I was in Florida

2. I went with my mom and tween cousin, who changed their mind at the ticket booth and opted for a more age-appropriate action flick. I went to the vampire movie without them.

3. During the previews, I noticed that all of the movies were definitely targeting teenage girls. With the exception of an upcoming flick about a middle-aged woman finding love again. I thought about who that target demographic was for. And then I wondered which one I fit into. And then I felt a little sad.

4. I'm pretty sure that I wore my hair EXACTLY like Jacob's in my senior class photo, and was distracted by this fact for a good portion of the movie.

5. I think I'm on Team Jacob, because pastey, brooding vampire boys wearing lipstick and glitter paint? Meh.

6. I made a mental note during the movie to download the soundtrack immediately because OMG BON IVER AND MUSE, YA'LL.

7. I thought the movie was pretty dull. Bad acting, no plot, poorly drawn characters, and don't get me started on the hair and makeup. I should have hated it. I did not.

8. I cannot freaking wait for Breaking Dawn.


  1. hahaha, i haven't seen said vampire movie, but i sped-read through all the books. i'm on team jacob, too, and i bet your senior year hair was cleaner than his:)

  2. I love this! Helps me to know I am not alone! ;)

  3. Team Jacob here...and I sat through the movie on opening day with..get ready for this, a theater full of women average age being 40...so hysterical when a bunch of us non teenagers were oohing and aughing but I felt better when I saw much older women oohing and aughing...lol. :)

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM


  5. Mary Grace10:02 AM

    i absolutely cannot stand the hype around 'the vampire movie' and books and refuse to watch or read said movies or books. however, i must agree with you... i had that soundtrack preordered, specifically fot the bon iver, muse, thom yorke, etc. just glorious.

  6. I'm so glad that you didn't like the movie either! Everyone I know keeps telling me how fabulous it was - and I thought it was horrible! Sadly, that doesn't mean that I won't watch the next one though. :)

  7. candis10:35 PM

    I've read the books and seen both films so far in support of my feeble-minded, hormone-driven female students. When the girls started to scream "Oye, Papi. You can bite me anytime" to that skinny cold Edward, or that annoyingly-puppylike Jacob, I laughed so hard my latte sprayed out of my nose. A jar of mayonnaise has better acting chops.

  8. Candis10:44 PM

    I couldn't leave well enough alone. Here, this will make you guys see the error of your ways,Mwahahaha:

  9. Don't tell me you have gotten caught up in this whole vampire movie foolishness too? I have a teenage daughter who, along with her little circle of friends, is head over heels about this series. And get this. My wife, the ultra-serious "responsible" parent, actually took a day off and allowed her to miss a day of school so they could be the first to see the movie. I don't get it. What is the allure?

  10. I am so with you on this post. I totally would have went with you to see it but. But I got my sister to read the book and watch the movies with me so I have all the company I need. lol


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