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I'm spending a few days in Haiti after our big race in Orlando this weekend, so I wanted to brush up on some Creole phrases. I just did an online search and came across a website with a link to "Common Creole Phrases". I guess someone has determined these to be amongst the most likely sentences one would need to navigate their way in Haiti? After a couple salutations, key words, and the days of the week, we find the following phrases:

Mwen pa two byen - I'm not too well
Mwen malad - I'm sick
Te gen yon aksidan - There was an accident
Nou bezwen yon dokte/yon mis touswit - We need a doctor/a nurse right now
Kote Iopital Ia? - Where is the hospital?
Kote Ii ou fe mal? - Where does it hurt you?
Li ansent - She's pregnant
Mwen pa ka manje/domi - I cannot eat/sleep
Mwengendjare - I have diarrhea
Mwen anvi vonmi - I feel nauseated
Tout ko mwen cho - My whole body is hot
Mwen toudi - I'm dizzy
Nou bezwen pansman/koton - We need bandages/cotton
Mwen bezwen yon bagay pi blese sa a - I need something for this cut
Ou gen SIDA - You have AIDS
Mwen grangou - I'm hungry
Mwen swaf anpil - I'm very thirsty
Nou ta vle manje - We would like to eat

Oh, this makes me laugh and makes me sad at the same time. My favorites are "My whole body is hot" and "I have diarrhea". I am committing those to memory and anticipate using them both.

(My least favorite is "You have AIDS".)

Oh, Haiti.


  1. okay, so I love this. and I clicked on the link. I really like the middle of the verb list:
    sede - to give up
    touye - to kill
    frape - to hit
    kache - to hide

    fair enough.

  2. so jealous. can i come along in your suitcase? i'll even be your racing buddy!!

    good luck, have fun!

  3. I am so excited for all you! Is there room in your suitcase for a recently not pregnant but breastfeeding momma?

  4. Kristen... The earthquake has happened and I am on your blog catching up... I was reading these phrases and the irony is that you probably could have used all of them this week with the exception of perhaps, "you have AIDS." How sobering.

    We are praying for you...and your precious family.


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