Who is Kembert?

Kembert is Keanan is Kembert. We've been using his legal name in the press, in case someone decides to advocate on our behalf with the government. That is our hope in all of this.

I saw kids on CNN going home, and the State Dept issued a statement. Does that apply to you?

There are statements from the state department about emergency visas and news reports of some families being "reunited". Unfortunately this good news does not apply to us, or to most of the families waiting. These emergency visas are for children who were already legally adopted in Haiti, and waiting for the US to approve them. Most of us are not there yet and still need humanitarian parole.

What do I write to the congressmen/senators?

Great sample letters are here.

Why did you leave him in Haiti?

I've been emailed this question a lot today. This is an impossible situation and there is no right answer, but for our family we feel it's not wise to move to Haiti right now and put our other three children in danger as well.

Why were you wearing a different shirt in three different broadcasts last night, while Mark was wearing the same one?

I've asked myself the same question all day long.

Why haven't you called/emailed/facebooked me back?

Because of this:
(that's 1383 new messages)

How many times have you cleaned up puke today?

Eleven. Eleven times.

How many times did you pretend to be breastfeeding so Mark would have to clean it up by himself?

Not nearly enough.

Why are you writing this blog post in interview style?

Because my recent media appearances have totally gone to my head. Now someone bring me a latte!


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! We do not know eachother, I simply found you through a link to a link to a link and yet I find myself checking your blog numerous times throughout the day looking for updates.
    I can not fully understand what you've been through this past week but I respect what you and your family are doing. I am praying for you all and can't wait to hear that your son is on his way home! What a lucky boy to join your amazing family! May God bless you and bring your family good news! Prayers will continue.

  2. You left him because you had to leave him. I can only imagine how difficult and heart breaking that decision was. But you had to weigh the risks and make the best decision possible in a situation that had no perfect solution.

    I continue to lift you and your husband and your children- and especially Keanan- up in my prayers. I think of you often throughout the day and my heart carries my concerns to the Holy Spirit.

  3. could you also add this to your list of questions: can I use a pic of Keanan on a blog post I write with your story? sometimes it's good to see a face with a story (instead of just a link). but, wanted to ask and honor your wishes with this. thanks.

  4. You are HILARIOUS and awesome and I am praying HARD for you guys! You, Jamie, all of you!!! I love you guys even though we have never met!!!!!

  5. Oh Kristen, I've been following along, of course, thinking of you so much and praying for you guys. Your hilarity in this post is yet another reason to love you :)

    And um...the homecoming pictures had me bawling like a baby. I'm just so glad you're home. Now for Keanan/Kembert...Oh how I pray he's home with you so soon.


  6. hahaahahaahaha! Funny. Glad for humor in a not humorous situation! Keep on keeping on.

  7. I seriously love you! And I may or may not have upgraded our relationship status to "dear friends" when I got to share your story briefly yesterday with MY ENTIRE CHURCH. I figured you'd understand. I've missed your humor during this intense week, and glad to see it again, even in these dire circumstances. Lots of prayers to you, friend! Or should I say, My Dear Friend Kristen!

  8. You...still with the humor and everything. I don't even know you, but I wear your Baby Hawk, so we're friends right?? ; )


  9. Kristen, I have followed you blog here and also on Twitter for quite some time. We are connected thru RH church. From the second I heard about Haiti, I thought about you, your son Keanan, and your infant daughter. Twitter connects people--what can I say!

    My cousin's husband works for the US State Department. He is fairly high level there (although currently stationed in Iraq). I was sent some information from the US Department of Children's Issues via his wife that may be applicable to your situation with Keanan. What you posted above sounds like very positive news. If you still would like the info, please tweet me, and I would be happy to pass it along. Although at this point, my speculation is that the information they gave me you are already informed of.

    Other than prayers (which is a given) is there anything we can do to support your family during this time? I'm fairly good on a laptop.

    Thanks for making me laugh, even in this challenging time. Hope to run into you at church one of these days.
    God Bless.

  10. I just heard on KNX Newsradio 1070 that Kembert is home with you - glad to hear it!! Take care and may God bless you all :)


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