guess who's on the way home?

Ernest and Ronel! I am so happy for their family. Hop on over to Debra's blog - I'm sure she will be posting photos soon.

I have to admit, I have not understood the appeal of Twitter since it started. I am seeing the light. Reading Ernest's tweets from the last week at the embassy and then up to today was like watching a high-speed car chase. But more emotional and exciting. Even today, my heart was racing as they had to run to catch their plane to make it home to mama tonight. Refresh, refresh, refresh . . . and they made it!

I know that so many people have prayed for Ronel. I think what is so compelling about their story is that it is a true love story of a father to son. Ernest fought for his son . . . he sacrificed for his son . . . a son that prior to this week, he barely knew. What a beautiful picture of unconditional love.

There are still many, many legal orphans in Haiti who are well into the adoption process and need to be given clearance to travel to the US to be with their families. Ronel's story is just one of many - my son's orphanage still has five children stuck in Haiti. Let's continue to ask our government to honor the Humanitarian Parole that Janet Napolitano offered these children.


  1. An answer to prayer!

  2. YEAH!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!! I'm so excited for them (and I don't even know them, hehe!) I'm so glad he's coming home and I do agree, it's a beautiful love story!
    God is GOOOOOOD!

  3. I know! I hope she posts video/pictures of their reunion. I also kept watching twitter - and pictured them "running" through the airport. I wonder what Ronel was thinking? Don't even know them but how cool it would be to be there when they step off that plane in Houston!

  4. I just watched the story on the local news! Wonderful story and he looks so happy and healthy! what a happy ending! Our prayers continue for the other families and children waiting.

  5. I am crying tears of joy. So awesome!


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